Apple’s Vision Pro Unites British and American Tabloids Echoing Brangelina Breakup

This is what I have to do to keep my job. My boss likes to rant on and on about the Vision Pro, and practically every other headset on the market. He likes to call it the Alt Reality product world. So, whatever happens hereon is probably edited by him to suit his biases. This is just my hostage statement upfront.

The New York Post

The New York Post recently reported that users of Apple’s Vision Pro have been experiencing significant discomfort, including black eyes, headaches, and neck pain. Emily Olman from Hopscotch International and Ian Beacraft, CEO of Signal, shared their adverse experiences, highlighting issues like the device’s fit and the pressure it places on the cheeks and skull. These complaints are echoed by numerous Reddit users who reported similar ailments since the device’s release on February 2. Despite following Apple’s recommendation to take breaks during the acclimation period, users still face persistent issues. A

The Sun

Britain’s tabloidiest tabloid reported the same story (hence, British and Americans united. Get it.). It reported, Emily Olman of Hopscotch Interactive attributed the bruising to the headset’s weight on her cheeks, indicating a poor fit. This complaint aligns with earlier reports of headaches and motion sickness, leading to returns. Ian Beacraft also experienced discomfort, noting soreness after use. But, the British Sun, no doubt reeling from its role in Brexit, hedges its bets, maybe hoping Apple will buy the island at some point, and says that despite these reports, some users have found relief with modified straps or third-party products, and cautioning that Apple advises taking breaks and discontinuing use if discomfort arises.

There you have it. If the papers of record for every messy celebrity breakup and arrest, who get it right every time by the way, are saying this then, Apple is facing a disaster. It may not known it but did Brad Pitt know it? Did Angelina Jolie? No. Not until it was too late, and how much hurt did that cause all of us. A lot.

Apple may not know it, either. It’s hard when you live your life as a courted celebrity. When the end of the Vision Pro romance comes along, it will hurt big time. Many people will have to replace their iPhone screens because of water damage from their salty tears. Or not. You can never tell with these things.

Or, is this all happening because we, Display Daily, brought to light the Guttag-ing of the Vision Pro, which had already documented, in greater detail, these very problems, and more? Could it be that the world’s greatest tabloids follow us for display stories? Yes. Yes, it could be.