Update on the DFF – Catch Up at SID

At the beginning of the year, the Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum (DFF), changed its structure and we got an update this week on those changes from Prof. Dr Karlheinz Blankenbach from the University of Pforzheim, an expert in display metrology and characterisation. Prof Blankenbach is also the chairman of the Electronic Displays conference that takes place in Nuremburg each February.

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We had some questions about the new organisation.

KB Pass 2013 1. Can you give us some background to the formation and purpose of the DFF?

The vision of the DFF is to

  • enable its members to attain and sustain a leading position in Flat Panel Displays (FPD) industries.
  • catalyse and expand a network of excellence across the entire value chain, leading to new business opportunities.

The mission of the German Flat Panel Display Forum is to

  • provide a unique networking platform of leading international companies driving the FPD industry
  • provide a unique source of information for FPD market participants.
  • assist in identifying and assessing business opportunities at all levels of the FPD value chain and application areas.
  • assist to design the supply chains for the innovative FPD technologies of the future.
  • promote entrepreneurial competence and excellence.

2. What kind of companies are members of the DFF?

We have members across the whole display value chain with focus on professional displays. There are material manufacturers like Merck, equipment makers like Umicore, display manufacturers like LG, Sharp and Kyocera, sub-assemblies like Osram for LEDs, display integrators and distributors like Data Modul as well as automotive tier one plays like Bosch and Continental.

3. We heard that the DFF has recently changed its form – coming away from being part of the VDMA (German Industry Association). Can you clarify this change for our readers?

Yes, after 15 years within the VDMA, the DFF board and VDMA decided to continue the display activities as a separate organisation, but retaining the DFF name. The VDMA strongly supported this. The benefit is that as an independent organisation, we have more freedom to operate as within VDMA we were subject to the contribution scheme and bylaws.

4. We usually see the DFF at the SID show – will you be in San Jose?

Yes, we have a booth at German Pavilion this year and have applied as an organisation for public funding of the German Pavilion for 2017.

DFF 04 2015 Bild i sft small The DFF Meeting April 2015 – click on the image for a high resolution version.