Universities Employ VR for Education and Research

In a recent case study WorldViz, a California based VR company, described how a university can use virtual today for preparing their students for real life challenges. The case studies shows how Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a multi campus university focusing on aeronautical degrees, is using VR in its education program.

Source: WorldViz Case Study – VR at ERAU

The university developed a VR simulation lab called Pre-Board, where students are confronted with various situations that they would normally only see once they are away from the university. They currently have nine VR programs with the following four being the most successful:

  • Studying Abroad
  • Simulated Job Interviews
  • Conference Simulation
  • NextGen Air Traffic

While the images look like a video game from many years ago, the immersive interaction can still be a very powerful learning tool for students and is definitely an improvement over jumping head first into the cold water of real life.

When searching the WorldViz site for the case studies, you will find a total of twelve universities that are using VR in their research. This includes first class names like Max Plank Institute, Vanderbilt University, Stanford University, and the ETH Zurich. Not bad for a start. – NH