UK ATM Blown Up in Attempted Robbery

An ATM outside a Matalan store in Darlington, UK was blown up last week in an attempted robbery.

However, the thieves clearly overestimated the size of explosion required, creating a blast that could be heard several miles away, flattening trees and posts, and destroying the cash point in the process, which was propelled 33 feet across the store’s car park.

Residents reported hearing the explosion in the early hours of Thursday morning. Local police inspector Chris Knox said that it’s possible that the thieves may have escaped with some money, but considering the damage to the machine it may not be in a usable state.

Inspector Knox released a follow-up statement a day later, stating that Darlington police believe that gas was ignited to blow up the cash machine.

Analyst Comment

There’s a nice image of the machine in its blown up form here.