TV Industry – European Cable Operators Expect Growth

According to an article in Broadband TV News a recent survey of the largest European Cable operators shows high growth expectations for the cable industry in Europe. Solon Management Consulting asked top managers of 14 leading cable companies about their market outlook. The results show a 6% yearly revenue growth until 2016. By then the companies will reach an average EBITDA of 51%.

These results are better than the data from the same survey two years ago where the company expected only 5% growth. This result is even more surprising as the cable industry is seeing increased competition from ADSL and fibre network operators as well as pay TV providers such as Netflix and Amazon.

The survey also showed that the most marketed bandwidth to the consumer in Europe was 48 Mbps in the first half of 2013, a number that it expects to increase to 150 Mbps by 2016.