Totoku to Shift to JVC Name

Totoku was taken over by JVC a couple of years ago (the companies each had a significant presence in the broadcast monitor market). However, later this year the medical business will adopt the JVC name as it is so much better known.

Totoku JVCAt the moment Totoku is using the ‘Produced by JVC’ label, but will switch to the JVC brand. Image:Meko

At the show, the first new monitor that we looked at was the CCL550iZ, a new 5 megapixel (2560 x 2048) colour monitor with high brightness (1000 cd/m²) and a 21.3″ diagonal. Calibrated brightness is 410 cd/m². It has a special mode that detects when a text window on the screen and adjusts the brightness of that region down automatically, to make viewing more comfortable. It also has ‘dynamic gamma’ which automatically detects and adjusts for DICOM monochrome or colour images.

Inputs are DVI-D and DisplayPort.

Totoku focuses on diagnostic models and all of the products on show are intended for that use and go through FDA approval.

Totoku continues to make monochrome monitors and had the MS55i2, which is a 15 megapixel (5 megapixel with no colour filter) unit that produces 2,000 cd/m2 of output.

Totoku mono monitor

Finally, we looked at the 2 megapixel CCL214 colour monitor which is designed to be as ‘cost effective as possible’ and is intended for tender bids where price is everything. It can be used for ‘everything except mammography’ (which uses 3 megapixel PACS images – Man. Ed.)

Distributor, Rein Medical, which has worked with Totoku for a long time in Germany was again showing graphics about its panel PCs for medical applications, especially operating rooms (ORs). The company has been developing a full service, in cooperation with companies that install high quality lighting. There was reduced emphasis this year as the company has found that for OR sales Medica in Germany or Conhit, a medical IT show in Berlin, are better places to promote that side of the business than ECR. The company is on its fifth generation of panel PCs that can be mounted in wall mounts and are available up to 75″ with UltraHD resolution.