Toshiba Describes 2017 Line

Toshiba was at IFA to describe its new deal with Vestel (Vestel Wins Toshiba Brand for TV in Europe) and to show off the 2017 TV line, which should be ready by Q2’17. Planned series include the 36 series (FHD in 32, 40, 43 and 49”), 66 series (UHD in 32, 40, 43 and 49”) and 86 series (UHD in 55 and 65”). The 36 and 66 series will be direct type LED backlight and the 86 is an edge-lit type.

The 66 series will support HDR10, but peak luminance is not high at 450 cd/m² with a black level of 0.01 cd/m². The color gamut support is 100% of P3. That means it is HDR ready and there will be some processing to tone map the luminance to this lower range, but there should not have to be any color remapping.

Toshiba is looking into making a Dolby Vision HDR TV as well and is in the process of evaluating solutions. They said they are also working with Vestel on a 2000 cd/m² prototype and to ask Vestel to show it to me. Unfortunately, Vestel had no idea what I was talking about!