TiVo Helps Cord-Cutters to Get Live TV

TiVo Corp has a new box, the Bolt OTA hybrid for supporting HD and DTT content in the US. The company said that cord cutter regretters have already moved to using only internet TV services, including streaming apps, but are now rethinking their decision based on missing programming choices and inferior viewing experiences. Bolt OTA helps these customers regain a premium TV experience without needing to re-subscribe to a pay-TV service that charges them for channels they don’t want, or requires them to rent set-top boxes.

The box has four tuners and a 150 hour HD disc. The system can be used with the TiVo Vox Remote for voice control and has SkipMode to go past commercial breaks.

The TiVo BOLT OTA costs $249.99 and has a monthly service fee of $6.99 or annual fee of $69.99. TiVo BOLT OTA will be available beginning September 28, 2018.