Timewaying Showcasing Innovative HeyLED DCI Cinema Screen

Timeway HeyLED cinema screen

Timewaying, a cinema technology company based in Shenzhen, partnered with Arts Alliance Media (AAM) to present the LA2K-10, a 10-meter 2K Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant LED cinema screen, at the Krikorian Theater in California, USA. This marks the first installation of a 10-meter 2K DCI LED cinema screen in the United States.

The LA2K-10 screen aims to offer enhanced visual features when compared to traditional projection systems. It provides improved color, brightness, and contrast, as well as better quality in 3D and 2D depth perception. The event also introduced a proposed auditorium redesign concept that includes an ‘upper level balcony,’ which would elevate the back four rows of the auditorium to provide a better viewing experience.

At the event, industry professionals from various sectors, including exhibitors, integrators, technology associations, and media representatives, were present to discuss the potential benefits and implications of this technology. Dale Miller, Technology Consultant at AAM, highlighted the potential market appeal of LED cinema screens, emphasizing their enhanced visual capabilities and their potential to attract younger audiences.

Audience members at the Krikorian Theater reported a positive response to the HeyLED cinema experience, particularly regarding the immersive 3D aspect. Timewaying’s CEO, Andrew Chen, stated that the development of LED cinema screens was driven by the need to improve the movie-watching experience in theaters and to set it apart from watching movies on smaller screens, such as smartphones.

As the largest 3D equipment supplier in China, Timewaying has installed over 30,000 3D systems across 11,000 cinema sites. The company, founded in 2011, has played a significant role in transitioning 3D technology from active to passive glasses systems, and contributed to 98% coverage of 3D screen installation during China’s cinema industry’s rapid growth.

In 2018, Timewaying decided to develop an LED cinema system with the aim of upgrading the movie-going experience. The company believes that LED technology, due to its ability to provide a truly black screen and increased intra-frame contrast ratio, will revolutionize cinema viewing. The LA2K-10 system can run on a reasonable power budget while offering three times the normal brightness, creating an improved experience for moviegoers.

The company offers a range of products, including the Freedeo 3D system, the NAMOS nano screen, and the HeyLED DCI cinema screen. By adopting LED active emission display technology, Timewaying aims to contribute to further innovation within the digital exhibition technology sector.