Tianma Addresses Mobile & Automotive Apps

Tianma had a suite in the Westgate to talk to potential clients for its small/medium displays.

First, we had a look at the 4.9″ and 5.5″ FullHD OLED displays that the company can make in its own Xiamen factory and that it showed at SID. Several of the other products, including a circular 1.3″ display, 5.5″ and 6″ displays with lenticular-based autostereo 3D and both an UltraHD 5.2″ and a 8K 10.4″ panel were also shown in San Jose (Tianma Focuses on Commercial Display Applications).

A product that was not shown at SID was a 10.4″ transparent VGA display that was being shown to try to get a sense of the commercial interest in such a product. Also new in Las Vegas was an integrated touch and display driver architecture that the firm calls TED. A 5″ display was shown with in-cell touch and an integrated touch and display driver. The system supports 10 point touch and uses less power and space than a design with a separate touch controller. The in-cell touch can also be applied on its 1.3″ circular display for smartwatches.

Tianma has been working on a range of automotive products and has now developed 3.5″ to 5″ “standard” LCD products for automotive applications. The displays have been pre-qualified for automotive conditions and that allows faster development for car makers.

Tianma automotive displaysTianma’s automotive displays include a circular type that it expects to be used as a button