Three 85 inch UHD Variations from InFocus

InFocus in Europe released three UltraHD 85″ sets, in the BigTouch, JTouch and Mondopad product lines. The displays share anti-glare screens using Gorilla glass and 120Hz optical touch.

The Mondopad is the top of the range and includes a Windows 10 PC based on a Core i7 processor, and with 256GB of SSD and 8GB of RAM as does the BigTouch. The Mondopad adds communications including a telephone and videoconferencing system. The BigTouch is expected to be used in applications where collaborative meetings are needed, such as in the construction sector, hotels or museums.

The JTouch is a touch display that can be suppled with an optional Android-base whiteboard solution. It can be connected via DisplayPort, HDMI (three ports), VGA and video interfaces and there’s an integrated USB hub and dual 7W stereo audio. The other displays also have that audio, while the MondoPad also produces stereo at 25W for use with external speakers.

Pricing is €17,493 for the JTouch (INF8501), €24,514 for the BigTouch (INF8511) and €26,061 for the Mondopad (INF8521).