The Cost of Encoding: The Dependent TV

In an interview with Jan Ozer, a leading expert on audio/video encoding for live and on-demand production, we take a look at the one thing that can make or break the viewing experience: encoding. We covered Ozer’s analysis of 8K video bitrates last year.

Ozer is a great resource and conversation. He is a prolific author, and presently the senior director, video technology marketing, at Netint. He provides an easy to understand overview of the process of delivering streaming media, how companies like Netflx manage quality, and what that ultimately means to the TV viewer. He talks about the cost of encoding, both on-demand and live broadcasting, as well as talking about the emergence of interactive streaming media which will add more complexity to the process of delivering great content to our TVs.

The cost of encoding is the hidden cost of what consumers see on their TVs. While companies with resources, like Netflix, can deliver the best image and experience possible, given any bandwidth or network limitation, as the streaming universe grows, with FAST, and the emergence of streaming gaming, ensuring that consumers get what they pay for on their big, bright displays is a challenge.

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