Testing Resolution with Quality.TV

Quality.TV, founded last year by Florian Friedrich (CEO of AVTop) and Joe Kane (CEO of Joe Kane Productions and journalist), introduced a universal test for UltraHD and FullHD in 2015, which was designed to expose reduced pixel counts (Pseudo UHD: Watch Out for Ultra HD TVs with Reduced Resolution!). Now, two new products have been added to the site.

First is the ‘Advanced UHD resolution and panel test’. This can be used with Quality.TV’s test patterns and guidance to perform spatial resolution tests of UltraHD displays. Details can be found at The work was presented at the ICDM’s latest meeting in Boulder, Colarado, and is being considered for inclusion on an updated standards document.

SEIedit is the second new tool, which can be used to add and edit HDR metadata in HEVC streams. Today’s encoders are poorly prepared for these streams, writes Friedrich. However, SEIedit can be used with an encoder of the customer’s choice to manipulate HDR data. It has been tested and is being used by consumer electronics makers now. A video can be found below.

Analyst Comment

It might have been thought that something as “simple” as resolution should be well understood from a measurement point of view, by now. However, the reality is that much of the work in the area was done in the days of CRTs and what has been added for flat panels has been based on RGB pixels. As soon as you change the pixel configuration, much of the validity of the measurements comes into question. There is a clear understanding (as can be seen from the 26 page minutes of the recent ICDM meeting) that work needs to be done to decide on how best to define resolution for other pixel structures. The meeting also covered the need to develop standards for measurements of transparent displays, which present particular challenges. (BR)