TeleSoftas to Develop a VR Application to Treat Phobias

TeleSoftas, based in Lithuania, but with offices in the US, Switzerland and Dubai, has announced that it has received EU funding to research and develop VR applications for a new mental health project. The solution is expected to help treat certain mental health issues, such as phobias, by exposing the patient to their phobia in a safe VR environment. (Psychology and Immersive Storytelling with VR)

TeleSoftas will work on the project in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Invest Lithuania and the State Mental Health Centre. The solution is intended to offer cognitive behavioural therapy and will monitor emotional well-being. When the project is finished, an app will be available free as a self-help tool for the public.

The project is expected to deliver a clinically-tested application by 2018 with the proof of concept already successfully completed. TeleSoftas and its partners, are now working with psychologists carrying out extensive testing to determine how the doctor/patient interface will work.

TeleSoftas is participating in Mobile World Congress this month and will be demonstrating its VR capabilities.