TCL Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology in its New 4K MiniLED TV C845

TCL, ranked number two TV brand and the leader in the 98-inch TV segment, announced the details of its latest 4K MiniLED TV, the C845, which showcases the company’s advancements in MiniLED technology. The C845 was launched earlier this month in Europe and is expected to be available in more global markets soon.

TCL C845. (Source: TCL)

As the pioneer of MiniLED TVs, TCL has consistently focused on this technology as a core strategy. The company has developed high-efficiency MiniLED chips and single-refraction curved surface glue dispensing technology for more precise light control, a more uniform surface light source, better halo control, and higher light efficiency. Additionally, TCL’s innovations utilize more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

The newly released TCL C845 boasts several technological advancements that TCL claims set it apart from competitors in the market:

  1. The number of LEDs has been increased to 1792, achieving 2000 nits peak brightness without causing overheating. The high-voltage Mini LED chip is designed to emit light in three PN junctions in series, with the driving voltage precisely matched to ensure optimal light efficiency and temperature control.
  2. Enhanced lighting effects are achieved through nearly 900 zones, with each zone containing two LEDs for more precise lighting control. The advanced lens design contributes to the uniformity of pictures and reliable performance when the module and TV are at their thinnest.
  3. The ultra-thin thickness of 77 mm is made possible by adopting a glue dispensing process using polymer material, resulting in a single refraction-free surface. This innovative design leads to a sleek and aesthetically appealing TV set.
  4. A 12-bit dual-mode precise light control algorithm increases energy efficiency and provides eye protection. The LED can emit 12-bit of light, with AD and PWM dimming for close to linear light control precision and more accurate color presentation. The PWM duty cycle operates in a high-frequency space, reducing the flicker effect for better vision protection.

The TV is expected to roll out to global markets in the coming months, offering consumers an enhanced viewing experience at an affordable price.