TCL Unveils 98, 85, and 75 Inch C11G Pro Lingxi QD-MiniLED TVs in China

TCL has unveiled the C11G Pro Lingxi QD-MiniLED TV in China. The TCL X11G is available in 98-inch and 85-inch sizes, with 5184 backlight partitions and a peak brightness of 5000 nits. The 75-inch variant has 3024 backlight partitions and a peak brightness of 3000 nits.

The TCL TV user interface. (Source: TCL)

The X11G uses a bidirectional 16-bit patented control technology providing a higher level of brightness from LED chips, according to TCL. TCL claims a 5-fold increase in contrast ratio compared to ordinary IPS screens. The TV features patented refresh rate multiplication technology which automatically activates the 240 Hz refresh mode when a 240 Hz signal HDMI source is connected.

The X11G TV features a disruptive backlight display technology that uses high-efficiency MiniLEDs at a 100-micron level. These MiniLEDs are combined with optical-grade microlenses. The TV employs 5184-level backlight partitions, .

Source: TCL
Display size98″85″75″
Graphics processorG52MC1G52MC1G52MC1
Transmission interfaceHDMI2.1*4HDMI2.1*4HDMI2.1*4
USB interfaceUSB3.01+USB2.02USB3.01+USB2.02USB3.01+USB2.02
Weight without base66.8 kg46.5 kg33.4 kg
Weight with base69 kg48.7 kg35 kg
Dimensions without base2178x4112x50 mm1887x3410x84 mm1665x3395x8 mm
Dimensions with base2178x4181x290 mm1887x4111x222 mm1665x3209x96 mm