TCL & QD Vision Demonstrate the Future of Wide Color Gamut Television at IFA

TCL, its subsidiary CSOT, and QD Visionhave collaborated to develop a television that produces over 90% of the Rec. 2020 color gamut standard for UHD displays. This advancement is made possible by the unique design of QD Vision’s Color IQ quantum dot technology, the leading wide color gamut technology in the market today. The demonstration television will be on display in the TCL booth at IFA, Booth 102, 21 hall.

The ITU-R BT. 2020 UHD TV standard, or “Rec. 2020,” includes a color gamut almost twice the size of today’s industry standard, enabling displays to show millions more colors than today’s UHD or 4K displays. There are currently no commercial displays capable of displaying the entire Rec. 2020 color space.

TCL QD TV IFATCL and QD Vision Demonstrate Rec. 2020 Capable TV Quantum dot technology is generally considered to be the only commercially-available path to the next-generation standard. QD Vision’s unique edge-lit approach is best suited for widespread commercial adoption of the full Rec. 2020 standard because of its unique combination of efficiency, reliability, spectral purity and cost structure.

“Our customers deserve the very best color viewing experience, and we are very proud of how this collaboration between TCL and QD Vision demonstrates the promise of wide color gamut technology in televisions,” said Alex Xiang, Chief Operating Officer, TCL Multimedia. “Our TCL H9700 series is strong proof that consumers can have superior color and performance at a competitive price.”

“QD Vision is leading the charge with Rec. 2020 in China and around the world, and we are honored that TCL and CSOT have partnered with us to show the power and impact of next-generation wide color gamut performance in a TCL-branded television,” said Matt Mazzuchi, Vice President of Market and Business Development, QD Vision. “We are on a clear path to achieving the full Rec. 2020 standard, and we look forward to our continued work and expanded relationship with TCL.”

Achieving Rec 2020 with Quantum Dots

Rec. 2020 will transform the colors we see in next generation displays. Surpassing the Rec. 709 standard approved in the late 1990s, Rec. 2020 will increase the color gamut by approximately 90%. The recommendation also specifies a 10- and 12-bit color bit depth, which could ultimately produce a digital color palette of up to 68 billion colors. QD Vision’s Color IQ quantum dot technology is spectrally pure, tunable and commercially affordable, making it the only wide color gamut technology with a commercially viable path to Rec. 2020.