TCL CSOT’s T9 Advanced HFS Technology and Gen 8.6 Production Line Start Mass Production

TCL CSOT has started with mass production at its cutting-edge Gen 8.6 oxide semiconductor display production line. The production line is part of the 35-billion-yuan ($5.25 billion) TCL CSOT Guangzhou T9 Project, emphasized by its low-carbon and TCLGreen global initiative support.

HFS technology, an advanced proprietary version of fringe field switch (FFS) technology, is TCL CSOT’s secret sauce in the launch of T9. FFS technology enables liquid crystal molecules between and directly above electrodes to rotate on a flat surface parallel to the glass substrate through a fringe electric field generated between the top strip pixel electrodes and the bottom common electrodes on the thin-film transistor substrate.

HFS incorporates negative liquid crystals and optical alignment technology, boasting a new H-HFS pixel structure design that results in higher transparency (up to 15%). The technology should offer better energy efficiency, improved contrast, and addresses issues such as mura. HFS outperforms traditional FFS technology in terms of contrast and can achieve a contrast ratio exceeding 2000:1. HFS technology also addresses the problem of narrow viewing angles, achieving horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178°.

TCL CSOT Guangzhou T9 Project is China’s first advanced LCD panel production line specializing in high-end IT products and professional displays. The project officially commenced production on September 29, 2022, enriching the company’s previously weaker IT, on-board professional display, and other product lines. Two recently developed products utilizing HFS technology are a 14.0″ FHD laptop display and a 23.8″ FHD monitor display, both delivered to Lenovo.

The 14.0″ FHD laptop display, manufactured on the T9 TFT LCD production line, incorporates advanced dual-copper technology, which allows a variable refresh rate of 40Hz to 120Hz. This display achieves a 50% improvement in contrast ratio and a 10% increase in transmittance compared to competitors.

The 23.8″ FHD monitor display features low power consumption, high image quality, and eye protection. The display complies with Energy Star ES8.0 and ErP LOT5 requirements and is certified by the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light standard.