Vol 25 - Issue 36


LG Faces Competition from Samsung in OLED Automotive Display Market

by Andrew Fenn

According to Digitimes Research, Samsung is snapping at the heels of LG in the production of OLED panels for automotive applications. While central information display (CID) products have been rolled out by both LG …

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PlayNitride Says First Micro LED Display Products Will Launch in 2019

by Andrew Fenn

At Semicon Taiwan 2018, which took place earlier this month in Taipei, PlayNitride took the opportunity to present a range of RGB wide-colour-gamut Micro LED display products for the automotive sector. A heads-up-display providing …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| MicroLED| Mobile Display Monitor| Taiwan| Vol 25 - Issue 36

DooH in Hurricane Season — Dos and Donts from Watchfire Signs

by Andrew Fenn

As the US and the Philippines recover from the after-effects of devastating storms Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut, we’ve come across an interesting blog from Watchfire Signs (hat tip to Invidis for this one) …

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Germany Pushing the Boundaries of EL QLED with Consortium

by Peter Palomaki

Merck. Osram. Fraunhofer. You couldn’t ask for a better team of scientists in Germany to tackle a challenging problem like electroluminescent QLED (EL-QLED). In a February 2018 announcement by Merck, we learned that Germany …

Tags:Automotive| Germany| OLEDs| Quantum Dots| R&D (Research & Development)| Vol 25 - Issue 36

2018 TV Shootout to be Held on September 23rd

by Andrew Fenn

Value Electronics, an independent AV retailer in New York, United States, is hosting its annual TV Shootout on September 23rd. In its 14th year, the Shootout will be streamed online to reach the largest …

Tags:Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Testing| TVs (TV Sets)| USA| Vol 25 - Issue 36

YouTube Launches Public Beta Test for AV1 Video Codec

by Andrew Fenn

YouTube has launched its AV1 beta playlist, a selection of videos encoded with the AV1 video format, with which Google intends to replace its current VP9 codec. Users browsing on Chrome 70 or Firefox …

Tags:Codecs| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 36| YouTube

Transparent LED Video Wall Installed at Fashion Retail Store

by Andrew Fenn

Digital signage solution provider M.I.B. recently installed a 71.5m² transparent LED video wall in the frontage of a new store belonging to fashion brand “Infected”, situated at the Plus City shopping centre in Linz, …

Tags:Austria| DOOH| Large Display Monitor| LED| Retail| Vol 25 - Issue 36

Slower Growth for Wearables in 2018, Ramping Up Again Through 2022

by Andrew Fenn

The worldwide wearables market is forecast to ship 122.6 million units in 2018, up 6.2% from the 115.4 million units shipped in 2017, according to IDC. This will be the first year of single …

Tags:IDC| Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 36| Wearables

Wide Displays to Proliferate

by Bob Raikes

Data from Sigmaintell Consulting, quoted in the Taiwanese press, is said to report that all-screen smartphone displays reached 55% of the market in Q2 2018, up from 42%. The top four suppliers are Samsung …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Small Medium Panel Supply| Smartphones| Vol 25 - Issue 36

New iPhone Range to Ship Over 85 Million Units in Second Half of 2018

by Andrew Fenn

According to Digitimes Research, the 2018 iPhone line-up will ship upwards of 85 million units in the second half of 2018. The prediction is based on Apple’s annual sales, iPhone ASPs and supply chain …

Tags:Apple| iPhone| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphone Market| Vol 25 - Issue 36

Video Viewers Move from PCs and Tablets to Smart TVs and Phones

by Andrew Fenn

Research by Ampere Analysis indicates that video viewers have been rapidly switching from tablets and PCs to smartphones and smart TVs. As the number of internet users that enjoy video content online grows, the …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| PCs| Smart TV| Smartphones| tablets| TV Viewing| Vol 25 - Issue 36

Researchers Investigating the Practicalities of Scroll-Like Display Devices

by Arthur Berman

An intriguing display device design is under investigation by a team of researchers at Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). The team is headed by Roel Vertegaal, a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and the Director …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Novel Displays| Vol 25 - Issue 36