PlayNitride Says First Micro LED Display Products Will Launch in 2019

At Semicon Taiwan 2018, which took place earlier this month in Taipei, PlayNitride took the opportunity to present a range of RGB wide-colour-gamut Micro LED display products for the automotive sector. A heads-up-display providing real-time information about the vehicle with 50% transparency and high brightness was presented, alongside displays for use in dashboards, in-car entertainment systems and rear-view mirrors, according to LEDinside.

Image: PlayNitride

The company also demonstrated its abilities in microLED chip manufacture and mass transfer, using its proprietary PixeLED Display technology, which PlayNitride says provides a yield rate of 99.9% when mass transferring Micro LED chips smaller than 20 microns. The development of PixeLED continues alongside the company’s Smar.Tech repair technology. The company also told attendees that its first microLED display products will release in 2019.

Analyst Comment

Hmmmm… 99.9% means only around 25,000 failures in making an UltraHD display! (BR)