Vol 24 - Issue 03


Lots and Lots of LEDs

by Bob Raikes

Well, we got the CES report done this week, but then had to get straight on to a visit to the BETT education show in London. The show was lively. Initially, I thought that …

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TI Releases New 0.33-inch 1080p Pico Chipset

by Chris Chinnock

If you thought pico projectors and related products were a small backwater in the projection industry, think again. PMA Research projects sales to reach close to 3.5 million units this year, which is not …

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Most Smartphone Users Spend Nothing on Apps

by Bob Raikes

Over half of smartphone users spend no money on smartphone apps (paid-for downloads and in-app transactions) *, according to a new survey by Gartner, Inc. However, end-user spending on in-app transactions continues to rise. …

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Sky To Move Q to OTT

by Bob Raikes

Sky is to move to offering its full TV service over IP for the first time. Up to now, although Sky has offered a limited service (Now TV) over IP only, it has been …

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Silicon Core wins Collaboration Suite

by Bob Raikes

Silicon Core has won a deal for the use of two of its Magnolia 1.5mm LED displays for use in a conference room of Ooredoo, a communications company in Qatar, in the Middle East. …

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Netflix Allows Downloads to SD cards

by Bob Raikes

Netflix is now allowing subscribers to download content to be saved to SD cards on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, rather than only being streamed. Initially, download was only available on Netflix …

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TI Brings FullHD to 0.33″ DLP

by Bob Raikes

TI has released its latest DLP chip, a 0.33″ FullHD device that is intended for mobile smart TVs, pico projectors and smart home displays. TI highlighted the possibility of making high brightness displays and …

Tags:DLP| Mobile Display Monitor| TI (Texas Instruments)| Vol 24 - Issue 03

A Breakthrough for Optical Touch?

by Bob Raikes

This week, I spent a day at the BETT exhibition in London, where many of those involved in educational technology come together. What I found was something of a breakthrough in large display touch …

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LG OLED TV Prices Come Down

by Bob Raikes

Having brought down the prices of its lower end OLED TVs, LG has now started pushing down the prices of its E6 range of models with the 55″ coming down to $2,499 in the …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| OLED TVs| Vol 24 - Issue 03

JDI To Make Flexible LCDs in 2018

by Bob Raikes

Japan Display Inc (JDI) has said that in 2018 it will start mass production of a new 5.5″ FullHD ‘Full Active’ Flex display based on a plastic substrate. The company highlighted the design opportunities …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Japan Display Inc (JDI)| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 03

Vertu Constellation Uses Sapphire Cover

by Bob Raikes

Vertu specialises in luxury smartphones has a new model, the Constellation, with a 5.5″ 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display with a sapphire cover and a 12MP main camera that can support 2160P30 video. The …

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Philips To Put Ads on SmartTVs

by Bob Raikes

TP Vision has confirmed that it will start to show advertising on its Smart TVs in Europe that are intended to reflect the viewer’s viewing, working with Improve Digital to deliver ‘programmatic’ advertising via …

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