Philips To Put Ads on SmartTVs

TP Vision has confirmed that it will start to show advertising on its Smart TVs in Europe that are intended to reflect the viewer’s viewing, working with Improve Digital to deliver ‘programmatic’ advertising via its 360 Polaris platform. At the moment it is not clear if adverts will only be for TV-related content (e.g. advertising for VOD).

Paulo Lopes, Partnership Manager Smart TV at Philips TV, said: “This is an entirely new step for us, and we’ve chosen to work with Improve Digital due to their expertise in the video programmatic industry.”

Analyst Comment

It’s not obvious how consumers will feel about getting advertising on their sets. It’s hard to imagine that it would not be optional, as offering programmatic advertising means that the supplier of the advertising has to receive information about the viewer’s habits, which is surely going to see real privacy concerns, especially in Germany.

There is an article on the platform on Improve’s website. (BR).