Vol 22 - Issue 39


Oculus Lists VR Challenges

by Tom Allen

Oculus Connect is a relatively new conference (only in its second year!) for the virtual reality industry and took place recently in Hollywood. VR is still very new – although it’s a long way …

Tags:HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)| Mobile Display Monitor| Oculus Rift| Oculus VR| Samsung| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 39

High-Resolution on Compact Philips Monitor

by Tom Allen

MMD’s latest Philips monitor, the 258B6QJEB, is not only designed with CAD-CAM work in mind: eco-friendliness is also important. The 25″ unit contains 65% recycled plastics, and its housing is free of both PVC …

Tags:Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| MMD (AOC Philips)| Vol 22 - Issue 39

UBI Tracks Record AMOLED Shipments in Q2

by Tom Allen

According to UBI Research, the global AMOLED market is growing quickly, with a new record level of panel shipments achieved in Q2’15. The firm says that 56 million units were shipped, representing 35% growth …

Tags:AMOLED| Large Display Monitor| LG Displays (LGD)| Market Shares - Panels| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Samsung Display| Vol 22 - Issue 39

Microsoft Enters China With Baidu

by Tom Allen

Microsoft is working with Baidu to launch Windows 10 in China. Baidu will replace Bing as the operating system’s default search engine in the country. It marks a significant change from the government’s previous …

Tags:China| Large Display Monitor| Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 39| Windows

Gartner: IT Spending Will Fall in All Verticals

by Tom Allen

Variations in global currency exchange rates will mean that ‘all’ vertical industries will show negative growth in IT spending this year, according to Gartner. The firm predicts spending to reach $2.7 trillion: a 3.5% …

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Microsoft HoloLens – the Savior for the AR / VR Market?

by Norbert Hildebrand

By now, most technology analysts, writers and bloggers have realized that Google Glass is no longer aiming at leading the charge of introducing augmented reality to the average consumer. Even with a revamped model, …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Epson| Microsoft| Oculus VR| sony| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 39| Vuzix

Jenetric Combines Fingerprint Sensor with Display

by Bob Raikes

Jenetech fingerprint scannerJenetric of Jena in Germay has developed a new fingerprint sensor that uses an optical TFT technology that also adds an area for display of instructions and prompts to users. The “Livetouch …

Tags:Fingerprint Recognition| Large Display Monitor| LCD displays| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 39

A Pivot for Portrait’s James

by Bob Raikes

We recently heard that there was to be a change at long-established display industry company, Portrait Displays. Founder and CEO, J. Michael James is retiring after more than twenty years and passing control to …

Tags:CRT| LCD Panels| Portrait Displays| Vol 22 - Issue 39