Vol 22 - Issue 39


Two New DLP Models from BenQ

by Milos Pavlovic

BenQ has two new DLP projectors with 1920 x 1200 resolution and using lamps. The MU686 has a brightness of 3,500 Ansi lumens while the MU706 produces 4,000. Both have 20,000:1 contrast and the …

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The Regulation Battle for Display Power

by Bob Raikes

Our front page this week in Large Display Monitor, covers a story that Samsung is alleged to have used a special technique to detect test material that is part of the standardised video stream …

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Wall Street Looks at Virtual Reality as the Next Big Thing?

by Norbert Hildebrand

Besides the number of big names jumping into the augmented and virtual reality markets, market success has been very limited. Virtual reality has been more of a future thing than a business success today. …

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Crowdfunding Aims at ‘No Compromise’ PC Phone

by Tom Allen

A Swedish entrepreneur, Jonathon Gustafsson, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a ‘no compromises’ smartphone to the market. The ‘Symetium’ looks like a traditional smartphone. However, it’s real intent is “[to] remove the …

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KIDS Looking for Display Experts

by Bob Raikes

The Korean Information Display Society (KIDS) is compiling a “Display Expert Database” as part of its Expert Mapping Project (EMP). To register contact Ms Jung-ran Shin at [email protected] (the url the group sent didn’t …

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DuPont Displays’ Target: A $1000 OLED-TV by 2020

by Ken Werner

It is widely agreed that if OLED is to be truly cost-competitive with LCD for television applications, the OLED materials must be printed instead of being deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation as they are …

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VW Scandal Revived in Samsung Sets

by Tom Allen

In a timely call-back to the Volkswagen emissions scandal, independent lab testers have accused Samsung of implementing a similar system on its TVs in Europe. The unpublished tests were performed by an EU-funded group …

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FNAC Makes Offer for Darty

by Bob Raikes

Fnac, the French electronics and music retailer, has made a bid for UK-listed rival Darty. The French company made a bid of £1.01 per share – valuing the company at £533 million ($807.7 million). …

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Refreshed Watch Urbane Ends Smartphone Need

by Tom Allen

At the same time as it introduced the V10 smartphone (LG Goes Dual-Screen, Dual-Camera for Content Creation), LG showed a preview of the second generation of its Watch Urbane (Wearables and Smartphones Are The …

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MultiQ Acquires Mermaid

by Tom Allen

MultiQ has acquired Mermaid, the Danish digital signage company. The new company, still called MultiQ, will apparently be the largest digital signage supplier in northern Europe. Its headquarters will be in Lund, Sweden. Financial …

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Stream TV Receives Lumiere Award

by Tom Allen

The Advanced Imaging Society in the USA has presented a Lumiere Award – its highest honour for technology innovation – to Stream TV Networks, for the Ultra-D glasses-free 3D system. Ultra-D displays are currently …

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