Power Outage at NEG May Create Q1 Glass Shortage for Displays

by Artem Alekseenko

A power outage at one of NEG’s main glass production sites in Japan may exacerbate an already tight glass supply situation and lead to a full-blown glass shortage. An unrelated tank problem at one …

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Display Glass at SID Display Week 2015 – Du Pont/Kateeva to Print OLEDs?

by Ken Werner

Without new materials and new manufacturing processes, display evolution is just – for the most part – evolutionary. On the show floor at Display Week, we saw three major categories of new and evolving …

Tags:Asahi Glass Corporation (AGC)| Corning| DuPont| Glass| InkJet Deposition| Kateeva| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| NEG| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 24

NEG to Set Up FPD Glass Subsidiary in China

by Helen Vince

Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) has concluded an investment and construction agreement with Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone in China, concerning the processing and sales of glass for flat panel displays. In addition, NEG will …

Tags:China| Glass| Investment| Large Display Monitor| NEG| Vol 22 - Issue 03

NEG’s 30µm Glass Feels Like Plastic

by Raverstead

The world’s thinnest glass plate has apparently been developed by Japan’s Nippon Electric Glass (NEG). ‘G-Leaf’ is 30µm thick and can be used as a substrate for flexible displays. NEG demonstrated a flexible OLED …

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NEG to Build LCD Glass Plant in Xiamen

by Raverstead

Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) is to construct an LCD substrate glass manufacturing facility in China’s Xiamen Torch High-Tech Zone. The new plant will be located next to a plant operated by AU Optronics and …

Tags:Glass| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| NEG| Vol 21 - Issue 47