LDM Product Roundup – Vol 22 14

by Tom Allen

BenQ‘s BL2420PT LCD monitor (BenQ Booth Highlights B2B Push) will be available in Europe this month, for €335. Celluon is now selling two new DLP pico projectors: the wireless PicoAir and more premium PicoPro. …

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NLT’s Procap Touch Supports Gloved Operation

by Tom Allen

Content available to subscribers only. NLT Technologies has developed a new type of procap touch technology; a sensor and module combination are able to detect touches even when the screen is wet or the …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Multitouch| NLT| SID Display Week 2015| Touch| Vol 22 - Issue 14

Apple Points the Way for User Interface Advances

by Phillip Wright

Apple’s March 9, 2015 press event disclosed a fairly extensive range of new products and initiatives. As I reported in my prior Display Daily (Notebook Computer Displays Evolve), the new MacBook (available April 10) …

Tags:Apple| Force Sensing| Gesture Recognition| Haptics| HMI| Multitouch| Notebooks| Touch| Touch Interfaces| Touch Pads| Vol 22 - Issue 13

Display Solutions Utilises PSD Touch Technology

by Tom Allen

UK-based Display Solutions has developed a new 42″ touch display. Supporting up to 10 touch points, the DT-S42FD uses Planar Scatter Detection technology, registering touches from gloved hands. (that sounds very much like the …

Tags:FlatFrog| Large Display Monitor| Multitouch| Touch Displays| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 22 - Issue 14

DSE multitraction

Multitaction Shows Off iWall

by Steve Sechrist

At DSE 2015 MultiTaction showed a 12 screen curved wall with 2D barcode reading capabilities based on its IR technology MultiTaction is an interactive display developer from Finland. The company was at DSE showing …

Tags:DSE 2015| Infrared Touch| Large Display Monitor| Multitouch| Video Walls| Vol 22 - Issue 12

Microsoft Announces Surface Hub as a Collaborative Display Tool

by Norbert Hildebrand

Together with the Windows 10 announcement, Microsoft also showed off the Surface Hub – a collaborative display solution. The system is more than just a touch enabled display, as it runs a modified Windows …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Microsoft| Multitouch| Vol 22 - Issue 05| Windows

CEW 02 Mesa Mundi Shows Multitouch Solutions

by Raverstead

Mesa Mundi Inc. (Sharon, MA) was showing its multitouch displays at the recent Customer Engagement World (CEW) in New York November 5-6. These displays are targeted at both commercial applications such as multi-person game …

Tags:CEW 2014| Large Display Monitor| LFD - Large Format Display| Mobile Display Monitor| Multitouch| TIR Touch| Vol 21 - Issue 45