What Bob Saw on the Net 10/07/2019

by Bob Raikes

Most days, our editor, Bob, spends some time looking around the net for news. Here are some articles and links that he thought worth sharing… (note that registration or subscriptions may be required!) AMD …

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IBM Result 17/4/2018

by Vijaya

IBM has announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2018. IBM reported revenue of $19.1 billion in Q1 2018 with a 5% increase in the revenues compared to $18.15 billion reported in …

Tags:Financial Data| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 16

IBM Result 18/01/2018

by Vijaya

IBM reported its 2017 fourth quarter and full year results. Fourth quarter revenue was $22.5 billion, a 4% increase compared to $21.8 billion reported in Q4 of 2016. Net loss was $1.1 billion compared …

Tags:Financial Data| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 03

Advent of the Qbit (Quantum Bit) at CES

by Steve Sechrist

Ok we are officially off topic and hopefully not pushing the bounds of DD publisher, Bob Raikes beyond his tolerance for non-display coverage… That said, for me the most compelling and yes perhaps long …

Tags:CES 2018| IBM| Visual Computing| Vol 25 - Issue 03

IBM Overcomes Contact Resistance in CNTs

by Tom Allen

Researchers at IBM say that a ‘major breakthrough’ has been made in the area of carbon nanotube (CNT) transistors – which may replace silicon when Moore’s Law finally fails to deliver. This coloured micrograph …

Tags:CNTs (Carbon Nanotubes)| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 40

IBM Result 22/7/2015

by Helen Vince

IBM reported a 16.6% year on year fall in net profit in Q2, down to $3.4 billion from $4.1 billion a year earlier, and a 13.5% drop in turnover to $20.8 billion from $24 …

Tags:Financial Data| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 30

Alliance Produces First 7nm Test Chips

by Tom Allen

An alliance of Globalfoundries, Samsung and IBM Research has developed the first 7nm node test chips with functioning transistors. The work, in the USA, could lead to the ability to place more than 20 …

Tags:Chips| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Semiconductors| Vol 22 - Issue 29

Tech Companies Dominate Brand-Value Rankings

by Tom Allen

Millward Brown’s annual ‘Brandz’ report ( contains quite the win for technology firms: four are in the top five, and six in the top 10. Apple (the overall most valuable brand in the world), …

Tags:Apple| AT&T| Google| Huawei| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Market Shares - Brands| Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| Verizon| Vol 22 - Issue 22

IBM-Lenovo Deal was 10 Years Ago

by Tom Allen

Lenovo has marked the 10-year anniversary of its acquisition of IBM’s PC business. The move helped the company to evolve from a China-only PC maker to a global PC vendor. Lenovo celebrated the sale …

Tags:Back Panel| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Lenovo| Mobile Display Monitor| Notebooks| Vol 22 - Issue 19

HP and Apple Change Computer Warranty Industry

by Tom Allen

There are two warranty trends in the global OEM computer industry that Warranty Week has examined in its most recent report. First, the migration from desktop to laptop to handheld, causing relative warranty costs …

Tags:Apple| HP Inc| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 17| warranty| Worldwide

IBM to Cut 25% of its Workforce?

by Helen Vince

IBM has denied a report by Forbes that it is planning to cut more than 100,000 jobs, as much 26% of its workforce, describing the idea as “totally ludicrous”.  However, several IBM sites across the …

Tags:IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Reorganisation & Restructuring| Vol 22 - Issue 05