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AR/VR – A Control Issue

by Norbert Hildebrand

When we discuss the vast opportunity of AR and VR systems in the near or not so near future, we often focus on the aspect of creating an acceptable image for the user. I …

Tags:Game Controllers| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 29

Innovation in PC Inputs

by Bob Raikes

Phew… We have had a busy week with an acceleration in news as Q3 market and financial data starts to appear. In addition, Apple updated its MacBook Pro range and Microsoft jumped in to …

Tags:Editorial| Game Controllers| Keyboards| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| PCs| Vol 23 - Issue 42

Oculus Touch Price Revealed by Retailers

by Milos Pavlovic

A tweet from a UK editor of Engadget has revealed that the Oculus Touch controller system will cost £189.99 in the UK ($208 plus tax), and pre-orders are being taken by some specialist stores. …

Tags:3D| Game Controllers| Mobile Display Monitor| Oculus Rift| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 37

The Virtuix Treadmill is Now a Consumer Product

by Arthur Berman

A continuing challenge in virtual reality is dealing with issues that relate to user movement. One such issue is, perhaps, best illustrated by an example. Consider a user wearing a VR headset. If the …

Tags:Game Controllers| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 07

Samsung Shows Rink Hand Held VR Controller at CES

by Arthur Berman

Samsung Creative Lab is run by Samsung Corporation as an in-house incubator to let “company employees play with ambitious ideas and turn them into full-fledged startups.” Working at the CSL for a full year, …

Tags:CES 2016| Game Controllers| Mobile Display Monitor| Samsung| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 01

Feedback on Oculus Controllers

by Bob Raikes

Neil Schneider of “Meant to be Seen” had a chance to try the Oculus half moon controllers – here are his comments. The demo had you standing on a 5-foot floor mat facing away …

Tags:Game Controllers| Large Display Monitor| Oculus VR| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 29

Tobii Moves Objects, Blocks Sounds and Enables Eye Contact

by Tom Allen

Tobii has written a new post ( about four different ways in which eye-tracking can be used by developers. All of these have been used by Tobii at some point. Multi-dimensional movement is a …

Tags:Game Controllers| Game Playing| Gaze Recognition| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Tobii| Vol 22 - Issue 11

The W3D is a Game Console/Smartphone Hybrid

by Arthur Berman

The W3D, developed by Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co. Ltd.(Suzhou, China), was demonstrated at the recent CES in Las Vegas. At first glance, the device looks a lot like the Sony PlayStation Vita. The …

Tags:Android| Autostereo 3D| Game Controllers| Smartphones| Vol 22 - Issue 07

Razer Strikes Nvidia’s Shield

by Tom Allen

Razer always manages to surprise with its new CES products, and has won ‘Best in Show’ for the past four years running. This year was no different. Android TV was announced back in June (Display …

Tags:CES 2015| Game Controllers| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Razer| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 03