Foveated Rendering


Tobii Tracking to be Used by Sony in PSVR2

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Eye tracking specialist Tobii said that its technology would be used in Sony’s PSVR2 headset and that the firm will get revenue worth “more than” 10% of its revenues this year. …

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Bringing Greater Reality to VR

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Researchers at Stanford University have published a paper describing how it used a client (VR headset)/server system that fed details on the user’s gaze to the server to allow frame-based foveated …

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Unity Cites Considerable Eye-Tracking Advantages With PS VR2 

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The Reality Check from The Information reported that at the recent Game Developers’ Conference, software engine developer Unity went into some detail about the improvements that dynamic foveated rendering could make …

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Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye Hero 1 proc

Pico Offers Good Value in VR

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Pico Interactive sent us a press release (which we’ll publish tomorrow) highlighting its Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pre Eye stand-alone VR headsets. Headline features are: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform …

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Gazing Back to the Future (Part 2)

by Bob Raikes

Yesterday, (Gazing Back to the Future) I looked at how good it would be for PCs to be able to add gaze recognition to supplement the 40 year plus paradigm of GUI, keyboard, mouse …

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Synchronicity in Foveation – It’s a Kind of Magic

by Bob Raikes

Synchronicity has been defined as “describing circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection”. Yesterday, I had a moment of synchronicity on one of my favourite topics – foveation – the optimisation …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Foveated Rendering| Gaze Recognition| Virtual Reality

Nvidia Extends Foveated Rendering with Tobii

by Bob Raikes

What They Say In a talk at the Nvidia GPU Developers’ Conference (GDC) this week, Nvidia said that it will make it easier for app developers to integrate foveated rendering (FR) into their applications. …

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EyeWay Looks to Solve AR Challenges

by Chris Chinnock

Creating an AR solution that meets the many requirements for performance, ergonomics and cost has been a major challenge for all in the field – let alone finding killer applications that can drive large …

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Varjo Pushes The Envelope on VR Performance

by Bob Raikes

I’m a great believer that understanding display technology is only half the story. If you don’t understand the human side of the interface, you don’t really understand the display. So, when I see companies …

Tags:AWE Europe 2019| Foveated Rendering| Gaze Recognition| HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)| Virtual Reality

Human Factors in AR/VR Systems at Display Week – Roundup

by Matthew Brennesholtz

The human factors of VR and AR HMD systems are not well understood. The results of the studies presented at SID’s Display Week just scratch the surface and a lot more human factors research …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Foveated Rendering| Human Visual System (HVS)| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2018| Virtual Reality| Vol 25 - Issue 21

Oculus Improving Go Rendering

by Bob Raikes

More details are appearing on the Oculus Go, a standalone mobile VR headset that is being developed, after Oculus spoke at the GDC. The headset will have a single 2560 x 1440 LCD display …

Tags:AR/VR| Foveated Rendering| Mobile Display Monitor| Oculus Rift| Virtual Reality| Vol 25 - Issue 12

We Get a Chance to Look at Varjo’s Headset

by Bob Raikes

We’ve reported several times on Varjo, the Finnish start-up that is developing an augmented reality system with variable resolution – fine in the centre and more coarse over the rest of the image. (Varjo …

Tags:Foveated Rendering| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 25 - Issue 09