Fabric & Textile Displays


E Ink’s Prism 3: The Fabric of Light

by Omid Rahmat

Use cases span industries, with applications in appliances, retail, consumer electronics, residential applications, apparel, and industrial goods.

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KAIST is Developing a White OLED Device Based on Fiber Substrates

by Arthur Berman

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Daejeon, Republic of Korea) or KAIST are developing a white OLED (WOLED) on a thin fiber substrate. Such fibers have the potential for use …

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Researchers Demonstrate a Practical Means to Fabricate Smart Textiles

by Arthur Berman

Hyung Woo Choi of the Electrical Engineering Division, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) was the first author on a recently published article describing the development of a smart textile. A smart …

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Recent News Regarding Electronic Fabric Displays

by Arthur Berman

An international team of researchers headed by Xiang Shi of Fudan University (Shanghai, China) is developing an interactive display made in the form of an electronic fabric. The fabric has the potential for use …

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A Fish Out of Water at the OLED Summit 2019

by Peter Palomaki

It’s no secret that OLED and QLED have battled head-to-head for the past few years for the top spot in display technology. Last week I was one of the few quantum dot representatives at …

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KAIST Developing a Wearable Display that is Self-Powered and Washable

by Arthur Berman

Think about clothing and an image that comes to mind may be of textiles that are both wearable and washable. Problems arise, however, when the image transforms to that of so-called smart clothing. As …

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A tip of the Hat for Royole’s Flexible OLED Display

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Royole’s Michael Williams wears a top hat with a Royole flexible OLED Display. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz) Royole Corporation was at the recent Pepcom event in New York to talk about their flexible OLED technology. …

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Fraunhofer FEP Unveils OLED Buttons for Textiles

by Andrew Fenn

Fraunhofer FEP will present OLED elements that can be integrated into textiles at the ESTC2018 conference, which takes place in Dresden, Germany from September 18th to the 21st. To simplify the integration of OLED …

Tags:Back Panel| Fabric & Textile Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 25 - Issue 35

KAIST and Long-Life, Flexible OLED Displays

by Matthew Brennesholtz

On December 1st, I had a chance to attend a lecture given by Professor Kyung Cheol Choi at the Center for Advanced Flexible Display Convergence in the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology …

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The Advent of OLED Fabric Displays?

by Steve Sechrist

In case you missed it, sometime between cooking that turkey and ordering your first Christmas gift, the folks at Korea’s national research lab KAIST said they’ve developed a process that can lead to wearable …

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Shirts Display Pollution Status

by Tom Allen

Nikolas Bentel, a designer in New York City, has released a range of shirts that change colour in the presence of pollution, according to Mark Fihn’s Flexible Substrate. Bentel worked with Autodesk to develop …

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