Fraunhofer FEP Unveils OLED Buttons for Textiles

Fraunhofer FEP will present OLED elements that can be integrated into textiles at the ESTC2018 conference, which takes place in Dresden, Germany from September 18th to the 21st.

To simplify the integration of OLED elements in clothing and to give designers the opportunity to use the technology, scientists have developed a functional button. The “O-Button” combines a wafer-thin foil-based OLED with a microcontroller on a conventional circuit board.

This circuit board is attached to the textile with conductive yarn and supplied or controlled with electrical power. The OLED itself is continuously dimmable. Two-colour variants of the button are also available.

Scientists are already collaborating with designers in the fashion industry. Challenges regarding further textile integration, washability or recycling are being tackled with project partners. The first OLED fashion will be on display in stores in about three years.