Rtings Looks at Monitors

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Hardware testing site, has had a busy time looking at monitors and published its guide to gaming monitors as well as subsets of the best UltraHD, 240Hz and curved gaming …

Tags:Acer| Asus| Curved Displays| Dell| Desktop Monitors| eSports| Game Playing| QD OLEDs| Samsung| Testing| UltraHD & 4K| Variable Frame Rate (VRR)

ISTE 2019 Preview

by Len Scrogan

The annual ISTE conference, the largest ed-tech conference in the U.S., is rapidly approaching, convening this year in Philadelphia. By examining the ISTE 2019 conference landscape through conference session analysis we can get a …

Tags:Education| eSports| Virtual Reality

Esports, a Display Lover’s Paradise

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Esports is a branch of the immense computer game industry. According to Wikipedia, game competition is almost as old as electronic games themselves with the first formal video game competition held at Stamford University …

Tags:eSports| Game Playing| Market Data| Pro AV

What Bob Saw on the Net 10/04/2019

by Bob Raikes

Most days, our editor, Bob, spends some time looking around the net for news. Here are some articles and links that he thought worth sharing… (note that registration or subscriptions may be required!) Xiaomi …

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AOC Provides Red Bull with Gaming Monitors for Esports Events

by Andrew Fenn

Display specialist AOC recently announced a collaboration with Red Bull Guardians and Red Bull Kumite, two esports events created by Red Bull. Guardians, a DOTA 2 tournament, took place in London on October 19th …

Tags:Back Panel| Desktop Monitors| eSports| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| MMD (AOC Philips)| Nvidia| Vol 25 - Issue 41

YouTube Launches New Gaming Platform for 200m Daily Viewers

by Andrew Fenn

Following the news that YouTube’s standalone app for gaming content will cease operation in March next year and the launch of a new dedicated gaming experience folded into the main YouTube site, the company’s …

Tags:Back Panel| eSports| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 37

Parks Associates: 10% of US Broadband Households Watch Esports

by Andrew Fenn

New research on the rise of esports from Parks Associates shows that 10% of US broadband households are watching this new form of content. Research analyst Hunter Sappington commented: “Esports is a young, dynamic …

Tags:eSports| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| USA| Vol 25 - Issue 27

Sigmaintell Research: Market Analysis of Internet Cafes and E-sports Displays

by Andrew Fenn

Affected by the economic environment and the cutting of excessive industrial capacity, the home and commercial display market in mainland China is facing a downturn in demand, according to Sigmaintell Research. However, eSports display …

Tags:China| eSports| Large Display Monitor| Market Data| Vol 25 - Issue 23

AOC Announces Gold Sponsorship for UK Esports Awards 2018

by Andrew Fenn

Display specialist, AOC, has announced its Gold sponsorship for the first ever UK Esports Awards 2018. The event, which will be live-streamed on Twitch, will take place on July 7th at ESL’s Studio 1 …

Tags:Awards| Back Panel| eSports| Large Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 22

850 Million to Watch eSports and “Let’s Play” Content by 2022

by Andrew Fenn

A new study from Juniper Research forecasts that unique viewers of eSports (competitive playing of video games) and “Let’s Play” content (tutorials and talk-throughs of game content) will reach 858 million by 2022, up …

Tags:eSports| Large Display Monitor| Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 21

eSports Monitors Hot in China

by Bob Raikes

Sigmaintell of China reports that the eSports market in China is driving strong monitor sales with specialised displays selling 250,000 sets in the first quarter – from less than 50,000 a year ago. The …

Tags:China| Desktop Monitors| eSports| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 18