eSports Monitors Hot in China

Sigmaintell of China reports that the eSports market in China is driving strong monitor sales with specialised displays selling 250,000 sets in the first quarter – from less than 50,000 a year ago. The growth has been spurred by ‘chicken eating games’ such as PUBG and Knives Out (Battle Royale-style games) which benefit from running on high end hardware and fast connections, so players like to go to special bars to play them and these locations are installing optimised monitors.

The success of the games is also attracting sponsorship.

The eSports monitor market contrasts with the overall monitor market in China, which Sigmaintell expects to drop by 10% this year.

2018 shipment of eSports displays in Mainland China (thousand sets) – February was down on January, but still well up on last year.