Embedded Pico Projectors


Akyumen Offering Pico-embedded Phones and Tablets

by Chris Chinnock

Akyumen is about to offer some new mobile products to U.S. customers that include embedded pico projectors. These products are more popular in Asia and I am not sure if the company will have …

Tags:Embedded Pico Projectors| Mobile Display Monitor| NAB 2017| Vol 24 - Issue 17

Bosch Sensortec Laser Scanner Looks Good

by Bob Raikes

Bosch Sensortec was showing a new MEMs-based laser scanning projector at the show, the BML050. The basic engine supports 854 x 480 (although higher resolution can be achieved, up to around 720P) and the …

Tags:Automotive| Embedded Pico Projectors| Laser Projectors| Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2017| Robert Bosch| Vol 24 - Issue 08

Toys and Displays in New York

by Matthew Brennesholtz

This year’s New York Toy Fair, the 114th, was held February 18 – 21 at the Jacob Javits convention center in Manhattan. The focus of the Toy Fair is selling toys. Not at retail, …

Tags:BYOD| Embedded Pico Projectors| Toys| Vol 24 - Issue 09

Microvision Raises Cash & Ships Samples

by Bob Raikes

Microvision had a busy holiday period and confirmed that it has sold 2 million shares worth $1.07 to Ben Lawrence-Farhi, after he was unable “for logistical reasons” to take part in a recent public …

Tags:Embedded Pico Projectors| Investment| Microvision| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 51

I-Zone Review at Display Week 2016

by Steve Sechrist

Here is a run-down on three more iZone technologies shown at Display Week 2016, that we wanted to bring to your attention. Synaptics was in the iZone with their latest automotive technology concept prototype …

Tags:display technology| Embedded Pico Projectors| Haptics| Large Display Monitor| Light Field Cameras| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| SID Display Week 2016| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Projection Advancements

by Chris Chinnock

Below is a summary of some of the projection-related news we saw on the exhibit floor at SID. Moxtek has supplied their Wire Grid Polarizer (WGP) for projection applications for a long time. This …

Tags:Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)| Embedded Pico Projectors| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Projection| SID Display Week 2016| Vol 23 - Issue 21

Mobile World Round-Up Part 1

by Bob Raikes

We show some highlights from MWC – with Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo and Dell. More in our part 2 video. For details on these stories, subscribe to our newsletter at displaydaily.com

Tags:Dell| Embedded Pico Projectors| Lenovo| LG Electronics (LGE)| MWC 2016| Pico Projectors| Projectors| Samsung| Smartphones| sony| Virtual Reality

Showstoppers Reveals Projection Tablet and Phones

by Bob Raikes

On the Sunday before the official start of the MWC show, Showstoppers held its annual “meet the vendors” event and we went along. We didn’t think that there were as many companies of interest …

Tags:Embedded Pico Projectors| Gaze Recognition| Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2016| Press Events| Smartphones| tablets| Vol 23 - Issue 08| Wearables

Epson Ditches LCD for OLED in Moverio

by Tom Allen

It has been several years since we saw the first Moverio headset from Epson – a look through our archives shows that the product was first revealed in November 2011. The Moverio is an …

Tags:AR Glasses| Embedded Pico Projectors| Epson| Microdisplays| Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2016| OLEDs| Vol 23 - Issue 08

Microvision demos Light Engine with Embedded Depth Sensor

by Norbert Hildebrand

Microvision showed a wide variety of devices based on their scanned laser PicoP engine, from stand alone projectors to embedded phone projectors. These devices have been around for quite some time without making a …

Tags:CES 2016| Embedded Pico Projectors| Head Up Displays HUDs| Laser Projectors| Microvision| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| Vol 23 - Issue 02

ASU Brings Big Backers, but Fails with Us

by Bob Raikes

We went along to the launch of a new “projection wearable” by Chinese company, ASU. The company made the launch alongside representatives from ST, Qualcomm, Foxconn and Amazon – an impressive lineup for a …

Tags:CES 2016| Embedded Pico Projectors| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| Vol 23 - Issue 02| Wearables

Lenovo Deluge Led by OLED Notebook

by Bob Raikes

We met up with Lenovo twice at the show – once during the CES Unveiled event before the show started and also at the Aquaknox restaurant in the Venetian that the firm had rented …

Tags:AMOLED| CES 2016| Convertible PCs| Embedded Pico Projectors| Large Display Monitor| Lenovo| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 02