Bosch Sensortec Laser Scanner Looks Good

Bosch Sensortec was showing a new MEMs-based laser scanning projector at the show, the BML050. The basic engine supports 854 x 480 (although higher resolution can be achieved, up to around 720P) and the demonstration showed a three engine set up that also detected the user’s interaction with the image. The quality of the image looked good and full screen contrast is claimed as 10,000:1. The vertical deflections is ±9.1º and horizontal is ±15.0º maximum. Because collimated lasers are used, there is no need or use for focus.

Bosch SensortecBosch used three projector engines. Image:Meko

The engine is designed to use four lasers and the devices demonstrated at the show use RRGB and one of those could be an infrared laser for detection purposes. The company doesn’t expect to supply the lasers, as it plans to sell the engine to OEMs. However, it has learned a lot about how to select and use different lasers, which could be very helpful for OEM partners. The company has the laser driver and power management circuits. We asked about the efficacy and Bosch told us that 10 lumens/Watt should be achievable.

Bosch’s MEMs Projector engine. Image:Meko

The scanner is too thick for typical smartphone applications, but could be used in toys, tablets, notebooks and other appliances. It could also be used in HUDs. There is an animated video below. The engine is the first in a planned series of optical microsystem products and will start shipping in the second half of 2017.

Bosch also had a mock up of an autonomous car, where the driver and front passenger’s seats move away from the dashboard when the car is in charge. The mock-up had displays in place of wing mirrors, displays in front of the driver and passenger and two in the centre, used when not driving.

Bosch auto carSix displays in the Bosch auto car mock-up. Image:Meko