VT iDirect Tests DVB-S2X with SES

by Milos Pavlovic

VT iDirect Inc of Herndon, Virginia, USA, said that it has succeeded with tests of DVB-2SX using a signal from the SES-4 satellite. “This test with SES represents our first DVB-S2X forward channel testing …

Tags:DVB-S & S2| EBU| Large Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 13

EBU DG to Leave in the Summer

by Alan Spencer

Ingrid Deltenre, the EBU director general, is leaving her post to focus on other board responsibilities. She has spent eight years in her role at the EBU and will be leaving in the summer. …

Tags:EBU| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| People| Vol 24 - Issue 08

VoD Rise Creates Need for IMF

by Tom Allen

Hans Hoffman of the European Broadcasters’ Union was speaking about the Interoperable Master Format, which had been touched upon by Netflix on the previous day (Netflix Deplores ‘Versionitis’). VoD services are rising quickly in …

Tags:Broadcast| EBU| Formats| HPA Tech Retreat| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 28

EBU: European SVoD Will Reach 50 Million

by Tom Allen

Netflix is the EU’s SVoD market leader, with a 52% shareData from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) shows that SVoD subscribers in the region rose 56% between 2014 and 2015. The organisation expects subscriptions …

Tags:EBU| Europe| Large Display Monitor| Netflix| SVOD| Vol 23 - Issue 26

Fragmentation and Standardisation Challenge Media Industry

by Tom Allen

The first panel of the day was titled ‘Threats to the UK media and tech industry’. It was chaired by MD of Decipher Nigel Walley. Panelists were Channel 4 CTO Orpheus Warr; media consultant …

Tags:Broadcast| DTG Summit 2016| EBU| Large Display Monitor| SES| Standards| Vol 23 - Issue 20

VRT Accomplishes Production Over IP

by Tom Allen

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is supporting the LiveIP Project (a collaboration between the EBU and Belgian public broadcaster VRT) in moving to open protocols for media over IP in TV broadcasting. …

Tags:EBU| Europe| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Transport| Video over IP (VIP)| Vol 23 - Issue 08

EC Proposes 2020 for 700MHz Switch

by Tom Allen

A proposal from the European Commission (EC) would require EU countries to release the 700MHz spectrum by the 30th June 2020, so that it can be used for mobile broadband and cross-border applications. This …

Tags:DigitalEurope| EBU| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| Vol 23 - Issue 04

VRT Performs IP Remote Broadcast

by Tom Allen

Belgian public broadcaster VRT accomplished the trial remote production of a live musical concert, using IP and open standards, on the 15th January. The remote production set-up was an extension of a full IP …

Tags:EBU| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Video over IP (VIP)| Vol 23 - Issue 03

EBU Welcomes Terrestrial Support at WRC ’15

by Tom Allen

The EBU says that it was encouraged to note that ‘the overwhelming majority’ of proposals at WRC ’15 supported a ‘No change’ policy to the 470-694/698 MHz spectrum. This is the band currently used …

Tags:EBU| Events| Large Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| Terrestrial (DTT)| Vol 22 - Issue 45

EBU Argues for Broadcast Spectrum at WRC-15

by Milos Pavlovic

The EBU will propose that there should be no change to the use of the 470 – 694/698MHz spectrum at the WRC-15 as it believes that DTT remains a highly popular way to receive …

Tags:EBU| Large Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| Vol 22 - Issue 44

EBU Looks at HFR & HDR

by Bob Raikes

The EBU was showing various demonstrations and we looked at the BBC/NHK hybrid log demo, which the EBU is positive about, and also at a demonstration of high frame rates – material shot at …

Tags:EBU| HDR - High Dynamic Range| HFR - High Frame Rate| IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 37