Three Steps to Better Color

by Matthew Brennesholtz

The topic of Better Pixels, not more pixels has been a hot topic recently. “Better Pixels” includes several things such as wide color gamut (WCG), high dynamic range (HDR), high frame rate (HFR), etc. …

Tags:Colour (Color)| EBU| SMPTE| Vol 22 - Issue 34

EBU Forecast to Focus on DTT Future

by Helen Vince

The EBU’s Forecast 2015 conference will take place on 20th and 21st October in Geneva. The preliminary programme has now been released and is available here. Speakers will address topics including the release of …

Tags:Back Panel| Broadcast| EBU| Europe| Large Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 30

Hoffman: We Must Solve Content/Vendor Disconnect

by Tom Allen

The EBU’s Hans Hoffman has warned electronics makers about the ‘dangers’ of moving too fast with UltraHD TVs. During a presentation at the TVBEurope 2020 conference, in London, Hoffman said that makers’ short-term goals …

Tags:Broadcasters| EBU| HDR - High Dynamic Range| HFR - High Frame Rate| Large Display Monitor| Movies & Content| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 28| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

Beyond HD Discusses Transport Challenges

by Tom Allen

Ron Martin of Panasonic, Paul Hide of TechUK, Tom Christphory of SES and Simon Fell from the EBU took part in a panel titled ‘Beyond HD: Can we deliver it, and how?’ The panel …

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Katie Noland

As Screens Grow, HD Will Suffer, Says Noland

by Tom Allen

Katie Noland is an R&D technologist at the BBC. She spoke about a survey undertaken last year, investigating average viewing distances in the UK. A small but growing number of people are sitting in …

Tags:BBC| DTG Summit 2015| EBU| HDR - High Dynamic Range| HDTV| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| TV Viewing| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 20

EBU Updates on Standards for UltraHD

by Bob Raikes

Yvonne Thomas is from the EBU and she looked at standards for UltraHD. She said that the aim with UltraHD, as Mark Twain said is to “please some and astonish the rest”. The main …

Tags:EBU| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| SES Industry Days 2015| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 19

ViewSonic’s UltraHD Display is for Colour-Critical use

by Tom Allen

A 27″ UltraHD monitor has been introduced by ViewSonic, after it was previewed at CES this year (ViewSonic Sets New UltraHD IPS Price). Featuring a professional-grade H-IPS panel, the VP2780-4k covers 100% sRGB, 80% …

Tags:AdobeRGB| Colour (Color)| Colour Critical Monitors| Desktop Monitors| EBU| Large Display Monitor| NTSC| sRGB| ViewSonic| Vol 22 - Issue 16

V-Nova’s Perseus Lowers UltraHD Bandwidth Requirements

by Tom Allen

A UK company called V-Nova claims to have developed a new compression technology offering between two- and three-times bitrate savings in video streaming, compared to codecs such as H.264, HEVC and JPEG2000. ‘Perseus’ has …

Tags:broadband| Broadcast| Broadcasters| Broadcom| Codecs| EBU| HEVC (H.265)| Hitachi| Intel| JPEG2000| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Sky| Vol 22 - Issue 14

EBU Discusses DTT Spectrum Protection

by Tom Allen

The EBU has released a factsheet about the effect that 700MHz mobile services could have on the DTT platform. The sheet also contains information on the protection of DTT services in the sub-694MHz range. …

Tags:EBU| Europe| Large Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| Vol 22 - Issue 10

GSMA Opposes EBU’s Views on 700MHz

by Super User

The GSMA, representing mobile operators, has called on the European Commission (EC) to hasten the switch of the UHF spectrum (470-790MHz) to mobile data traffic. The current plan is to achieve the move by …

Tags:EBU| GSMA| Large Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| Vol 21 - Issue 37| Volume 21

EBU Continues to Hold 700MHz Concerns

by Super User

The European Commission’s High Level Group has recommended that the EU restrict access to the sub-700MHz spectrum to digital TV until 2030. The move has been welcomed by the EBU. The report stated that …

Tags:EBU| Large Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| Terrestrial (DTT)| Vol 21 - Issue 35| Volume 21