VRT Accomplishes Production Over IP

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is supporting the LiveIP Project (a collaboration between the EBU and Belgian public broadcaster VRT) in moving to open protocols for media over IP in TV broadcasting.

On the 15th January, VRT accomplished trial remote production of a live music concert over IP. It was said to be the world’s first remote, live multi-camera TV production over IP, using entirely open standards (SMPT2022-6, AES67, PTP and OPENFLOW) across the production chain.

An outside broadcast unit (OBU) at the Bozar concert hall was connected to the VRT production studio, 5km away, via IP, using a single dark fibre cable. Signals from four IP cameras, 10 microphones, intercom, camera control, tally, internet and more were transmitted over the cable at 25Gbps. The trial proved that it is possible to remote produce live broadcast events without an OB vehicle.

Karel DeBondt, project manager for LiveIP, noted that “All signals were transmitted via the single cable without noticeable delay, such that technically, there was little difference between an OB truck and a remote production room”.