What Bob Saw on the Net 21/11/2019

by Bob Raikes

Most days, our editor, Bob, spends some time looking around the net for news. Here are some articles and links that he thought worth sharing… (note that registration or subscriptions may be required!) Motorola …

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Your AIBs Just Got More Expensive – Better Buy Them Now

by Jon Peddie

Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement, or you’ve just exited from a vow of silence, then you know the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington D.C. has unilaterally decreed a tariff of …

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China TV Imports Increased in Q2 Despite Threat of Tariff

by Bob O'Brien

Imports to the US of TVs from China increased in Q2 of this year despite the Trump administration’s threat of tariffs imposed on TV products. The industry has shown few signs of shifting its …

Tags:Duty| TVs (TV Sets)| Vol 25 - Issue 32

US Administration Stamps 10% Tariff on Chinese Goods Worth $200 Billion

by Andrew Fenn

Following China’s reaction to the news that $34 billion in Chinese goods would be subject to the US administration’s proposed 10% import tariff, President Trump appears to have upped the ante, submitting a new …

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US-China TV Tariff Could Cost Americans $711 Million Over Next Year

by Andrew Fenn

The US administration’s proposed tariffs on TVs from China would increase the price Americans pay for TVs, costing US consumers an estimated $711 million over the next year, according to the Consumer Technology Association …

Tags:Duty| Large Display Monitor| Pricing| TVs (TV Sets)| USA| Vol 25 - Issue 16

The View on Tariffs from China

by Bob Raikes

While DSCC has looked at the impact of a potential TV tariff from the US side, Sigmaintell has looked from the Chinese side. First, the firm pointed out that the Indian government is increasing …

Tags:China| Duty| Large Display Monitor| ODMs & OEMs| TVs (TV Sets)| Vol 25 - Issue 14

US-China Trade War Could Hit TV Supply

by Bob Raikes

One of the big stories in the last couple of weeks has been the action by the US in the escalating trade war between the two largest economies in the world – the US …

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TV Manufacturers to Raise TV Prices in India after Customs Duty Increase

by Andrew Fenn

TV manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic will increase the prices of their LED and OLED TVs by up to 7% to offset the recent doubling of customs duty on importing panels into …

Tags:Duty| India| Large Display Monitor| Pricing| TVs (TV Sets)| Vol 25 - Issue 08

India Increases Duty on TVs, Panels and Phones

by Bob Raikes

The government in India has increased import duties on a range of electronic products, including LCD panels for TVs, which are now subject to a 7.5% levy. Abhijit Kotnis, chief manufacturing officer, Videocon, (who …

Tags:Duty| India| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 48

TVs Covered by New ITA Agreement?

by Tom Allen

A year since we last reported on it (ITA Talks Collapse, Resume in 2015), the updated ITA Agreement has finally been concluded. Countries covered by the ITAThe ITA Agreement defines tariffs on IT products, …

Tags:DigitalEurope| Duty| Europe| ITA Agreement| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 50

ITA Talks Collapse, Resume in 2015

by Bob Raikes

Last week (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 49), talks surrounding the second phase of the International Technology Agreement (ITA-II) were said to have stalled over a disagreement between China and South Korea. Reuters now …

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Taiwan Warns FTA Agreement Risks Competitiveness

by Raverstead

A free trade agreement has been signed between China and South Korea, which Taiwanese companies say could put them at a disadvantage. Acer founder Stan Shih said that tariffs will negatively impact Taiwan’s panel …

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