Chip Technology


Qualcomm and the Advent of 5G Cell Networks

by Steve Sechrist

In case you missed it, 5G is at the root of the recent headlines of the US Treasury Dept. scuttling a “$121B hostile Chinese takeover bid” (to the Singapore-based Broadcom) of mobile chip maker, …

Tags:5G| Chip Technology| Networks| Security| Smartphone Market| Smartphones| Vol 25 - Issue 11

Nikkei Sees Apple as the Next Semiconductor Superpower

by Norbert Hildebrand

In the recent article ‘Apple: A semiconductor superpower in the making‘ Nikkei Asian Review discussed the direction Apple is using in terms of semiconductor supply and design. They were reviewing how the recent Apple …

Tags:Apple| Chip Technology| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Semiconductor Market| Vol 24 - Issue 37

TSMC Gears Up FinFET Production

by Bob Raikes

The Commercial Times in China has reported that TSMC is expected to start making 12nm FinFET chips in the fourth quarter of 2017. They will be used in Xavier CPUs and Volta GPUs for …

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Peraso Releases W120 WiGig Compliant Phased Array Chipset

by Isaac Oburu

Peraso Technologies Inc., a leader in Wireless Gigabit (WiGig®) chipsets, today announced the availability of its W120 WiGig phased array chipset for consumer electronics. The W120 builds on the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGigTM W110 Chipset, …

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Verimatrix Certifies UHD Chips

by Tom Allen

Verimatrix has launched a new ‘Ultra Security’ certification for chipsets and devices at NAB. Products so certified will be able to run Verimatrix’s ViewRight software security implementations, which meet UltraHD content guidelines set by …

Tags:Chip Technology| Chips| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Security| UltraHD| Vol 23 - Issue 14

The End of Moore’s Law?

by Bob Raikes

Well, last week, I was going to write my editorial about chips and “the end of Moore’s Law”, but I started and it turned out to be something else! Now it seems doubly appropriate, …

Tags:Chip Technology| Editorial| Intel| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 11

BlueRiver NT Receives Multiple Best of Show Awards

by Isaac Oburu

AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT technology has won two ‘Best of Show’ awards, from AV Technology and Installation Magazine. The wins were announced at ISE 2016.

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Apple Faces $862m Fine

by Tom Allen

The University of Wisconsin has successfully sued Apple for $862 million, for unlicensed use of its microchip patents in some iPhones and iPads. The 1998 patent deals with a method to improve microchip efficiency, …

Tags:Apple| Chip Technology| Mobile Display Monitor| Patents| Vol 22 - Issue 41