AltoBeam ATBM7823 DVB-T2/T/C2/C/S2X/S2/S Demodulator Adopted in LG Innotek Tuner NIM

AltoBeam, a developer of advanced DTV demodulators, today announces that, LG Innotek (LGIT), the manufacturer of cutting-edge material and components, has selected AltoBeam’s ATBM7823 demodulator chip, for LGIT’s new hybrid tuner module supporting the reception of DVB-T2/T/C2/C/S2X/S2/S digital TV and international analog TV broadcastings, the TDJN Series NIM.

The ATBM782X series chips are in full compliance with the latest version of the following related DVB specifications:

ETSI EN 302 755 V1.3.1 (DVB-T2)

ETSI EN 300 744 V1.6.1 (DVB-T)

ETSI EN 302 769 v1.3.1 (DVB-C2)

ETSI EN 300 429 V1.2.1 (DVB-C)

ETSI EN 302 307 Part I V1.3.1 (DVB-S2)

ETSI EN 302 307 Part II (DVB-S2X)

ETSI EN 300 421 V1.1.2 (DVB-S)

“For over 5 years, LG Innotek has been using AltoBeam’s DTMB/DVB-C demodulators in China-bound tuner modules. We are very satisfied with their consistent performance and reliability,” said Mr. Gil-Sang Park, the Head of Laboratory of LG Innotek. “Their latest ATBM7823 demodulator also performs excellently in both the lab evaluation and field tests, especially while working in the complicated terrestrial environments or with the uncommonly configured transmitters. The ATBM7823 will contribute to establishing our TDJN Series NIM as the most cost-effective tuner modules with the best performances in the market.”

“LG Innotek is one of global leaders in TV NIM industry. We are honored that our product has been chosen by LG Innotek for DVB market in addition to the DTMB market,” said Dr. Steve Chaohuang Zeng, the CEO of AltoBeam. “This successful adoption by LGIT and therefore LG TV is an excellent testimony from the first-tier NIM and TV maker that AltoBeam has firmly established itself as a reliable long-term business partner.”