Amorphous TFT


TCL CSOT Make Strides to Increase Frame Rates for 8K

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The 8K Association published an article that followed up news through Gizmodochina that TCL’s CSOT operation has developed a 75″ 8K display that uses an amorphous backplane with a 1-gate/1-drain (1D1G) …

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Team Develops a Backplane Material Better than LTPS

by Ken Werner

In February a team of researchers from Binghamton University (Binghamton, New York), Blue Wave Semiconductors (Baltimore, Maryland), and Solar-Tectic LLC (Briarcliff Manor, New York) published an article in Elsevier Material Letters reporting “the growth …

Tags:Amorphous TFT| LTPS TFT| Vol 25 - Issue 22

nVerpix Shows Breakthrough OLED Pixel Design

by Steve Sechrist

Enter a new “breakthrough” transistor design from nVerpix for OLED pixels featured in this year’s iZone at the SID Display Week. With it, the group looks to resolve many of the key issues of …

Tags:Amorphous TFT| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OLED Materials| OLEDs| SID Display Week 2016| TFT| Vol 23 - Issue 22

BOE Has Impressively Wide Range

by Bob Raikes

BOE came to the SID last year for the first time. This time, the company was back with an impressive display from the low end to the high end. As the company explained in …

Tags:AMOLED| Amorphous TFT| BOE| Flexible Displays| Large Display Monitor| LCD Panels| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2015| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 24

CBrite Looks for LTPS/IGZO Alternative (IC8)

by Bob Raikes

Boo Nilsson is from CBrite which develops new backplane technologies. The company is based in Santa Barbara and has offices in Taiwan and China. The company has technology that is competitive with IGZO and …

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