T-Mobile and Prisms VR Boost Rural Students’ Learning Experiences with 5G-Connected VR EdTech

T-Mobile has partnered with Prisms VR, and Lenawee Intermediary School District (LISD) to implement Prisms VR’s learning programs on Meta Quest 2 VR headsets, connected to T-Mobile 5G across 11 rural Michigan school districts. This collaboration aims to provide thousands of students with access to advanced learning opportunities despite the unreliable network connections common in rural areas, and demonstrates the potential of 5G to bring cutting-edge technologies to schools nationwide.

Prisms VR, a T-Mobile Accelerator graduate, helps students develop proficiency in middle school math and science subjects by solving real-world problems. Since its introduction in 2022, LISD has reported increased lesson engagement and retention, with 80% of participating students reporting improved understanding of concepts and higher grades.

T-Mobile has actively supported Prisms VR’s growth, providing $425 thousand in funding for VR headsets for 20 schools. The program is currently active in 28 states, leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G capabilities in schools requiring advanced network support.

Prisms VR depends on a robust and reliable network connection for its programs, which is where T-Mobile 5G comes in. Schools with reliable Wi-Fi can still benefit from T-Mobile’s 5G solution, as it streamlines VR headset connectivity and saves valuable learning time. The collaboration demonstrates T-Mobile’s commitment to bringing 5G innovation to all and expanding learning opportunities for students across the country.