System76 Adds UltraHD Options

System76 is a Denver, Colorado-based maker of Linux-powered systems and has upgraded its line of notebooks in the Oryx Pro (15″/17″), Serval WS (15″/17″) and Bonobo WS (17″) ranges to give options of UltraHD displays and Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation processors. The notebooks have Nvidia GTX 10XX GPUs.

The notebooks have Type-C connectors (dual) as well as one HDMI and dual Mini DisplayPort 1.3 display outputs.

The company is also able to supply with Windows, at extra cost.

Analyst Comment

The company highlights the extra pixels above the Apple Retina displays for its ‘HiDPI’ UltraHD displays, which have anti-glare IPS displays. (BR)

System76 notebooks