St. John’s University Enhanced Classroom Technology with Sony Laser Projectors

For St. John’s University, enhancing the teaching and learning environment is a long-term priority, and technology improvements are an integral part of that goal. The University turned to Sony laser projection as its classroom technology standard, using a combination of Sony laser models. Since the Sony projectors were installed, students and faculty have experienced improvements in colour quality, brightness, speed and ease of the projectors’ operation.

Now, the faculty can manage “global classrooms,” bringing in guest speakers through Skype or Google Hangouts. The projectors’ fast start-up time (approximately seven seconds) lets classes start immediately, giving professors extra minutes of real interaction with students during each session. Behind the scenes, the networked Sony laser projectors are also delivering operational benefits — reducing the need for frequent filter cleaning and saving the costs of regular bulb replacement due to the laser light source’s expected life of 20,000 hours.

St. John’s partnership with Whitlock for classroom integration of the Sony technology is making the educational experience more interactive, dynamic and engaging for the faculty and students.