Spectral Edge’s HDMI Adapter Compensates for Colour Blindness

A UK company called Spectral Edge has announced an HDMI adapter for colour blind TV viewers, called the Eye2TV. The device is meant to make it easier to distinguish between red and green, as well as defining on-screen objects more clearly.

A campaign is running on Kickstarter to fund the adapter (, with the goal of raising £100,000 ($149,000) by mid-June.

The Eye2TV enhancement has been applied to the right-hand side of the image

Eye2TV works with any HDMI video source. It is connected between the source and the display and enhances video on a frame-by-frame basis. Spectral Edge’s own ‘Eyeteq’ image enhancement technology is used to do this. Eyeteq is based on research from the University of East Anglia; it uses mathematical perception models to modify image colours. Spectral Edge claims that the adapter modifies images with minimal impact on the picture, as seen by those who do not have colour blindness. Picture quality can be adjusted to suit the viewer.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the Eye2TV adapter will be developed and shipped worldwide by March 2016. The concept has been proven on an Altera FPGA development platform for the Cyclone IV CE115 FPGA.