Specs Revealed for UHD Consoles

A posting on Amazon’s Spanish site, since removed, appears to have leaked the launch date of Sony’s Playstation Neo console (UHD Playstation is Official – But…). The unit will apparently be available in October (matching the release of the Playstation VR headset), for $440.

In addition, a presentation that was leaked online has shown the console’s specifications. It will feature a GPU with ‘2.3x [more] flops’ than the current PS4, implying 4.2 TFLOPs. An octa-core CPU (2.1GHz) and 8GB of RAM will also be used. The document, which has been taken down on copyright claims, also says that all games released after October will need to support the Playstation Neo.

It wasn’t only Sony’s console that saw specifications this week. Microsoft has officially announced the specs and release date of the Xbox One S (Microsoft Rises to Challenge of UHD & HDR Gaming). It will be launched much earlier than the Playstation Neo, on the 2nd August, for $400. This price applies to the top-end 2TB model; 1TB ($350) and 500GB ($300) consoles will follow later.

Unlike the Playstation Neo, the Xbox One S will not be UltraHD-capable when it comes to gaming – Microsoft console gamers will need to wait for Project Scorpio, scheduled for 2017. The One S will, however, play UltraHD Blu-rays.