UHD Playstation is Official – But…

Sony has confirmed that the Playstation 4.5 ‘Neo’ is real, ahead of its E3 conference. However, the release date may disappoint.

Speaking to the Financial Times, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, said the new console – which will share games with the existing PS4 – will, indeed, offer UltraHD resolution. It will be a high-end model and cost more than the current $350.

The target audience will be ‘hardcore’ gamers and users with an UltraHD TV, who want more high-resolution content.

However, House said that – contrary to earlier rumours – the console will not be unveiled at E3. Any more information about a release date or price were not forthcoming.

House added that the PS4.5 will be “standalone profitable” at launch, like the existing PS4. This is a change from earlier generations, where Sony subsidised the price and hoped to make its money through game sales.

At E3, Sony shared the launch date for the Playstation VR headset. It will be launched on the 13th October.

Analyst Comment

While House did say that the console will support UltraHD content, he did not specifically mention whether it supports gaming at that resolution rather than just video, or any other features like HDR. (TA)