Sony Unveils 16 New Professional Bravia 4K HDR Displays

Sony Electronics has unveiled 16 new models of professional Bravia 4K HDR displays as part of the BZ50L, BZ40L, BZ35L and BZ30L series. These displays range in size from 43 inches to 98 inches, making them a versatile choice for commercial environments requiring high-quality image display and reliability.

Source: Sony

Unique to the lineup is the BZ40L series, equipped with a deep black non-glare coating that delivers both high haze and low reflection, while ensuring deep blacks and high contrast. Sony’s BZ50L model also stands out, boasting 780 nits of brightness and a reduced weight and bezel width in comparison to the previous BZ40J series.

Across the range, Sony has incorporated several sustainability measures, such as using recycled plastic and reducing ink usage on cartons, alongside an Eco Dashboard for tracking power consumption. Furthermore, these displays are designed for 24/7 operation and offer mirroring capabilities, Pro Mode technology for easy operation, and support for multi-display installations.

The new models will support Sony’s Alliance Partner Network, promoting integration and compatibility across various applications. Sony is set to release the 98 inch models, BZ30L and BZ40L series in July 2023 in the US and Canada, with the BZ35L series expected in October 2023.

BZ50L Series

  • Model: FW-98BZ50L (98 inch)
  • Brightness: 780 nits
  • Unique Features: 22% reduction in weight and 28% slimmer bezel width compared to the BZ40J series.

BZ40L Series

  • Models: FW-85BZ40L (85 inch), FW-75BZ40L (75 inch), FW-65BZ40L (65 inch), FW-55BZ40L (55 inch)
  • Brightness: 700 nits (650 nits for FW-85BZ40L)
  • Unique Features: High haze and low reflection thanks to the Deep Black Non-Glare Coating, ensuring deep blacks and high contrast.

BZ35L Series

  • Models: FW-85BZ35L (85 inch), FW-75BZ35L (75 inch), FW-65BZ35L (65 inch), FW-55BZ35L (55 inch)
  • Brightness: 550 nits

BZ30L Series

  • Models: FW-98BZ30L (98 inch), FW-85BZ30L (85 inch), FW-75BZ30L (75 inch), FW-65BZ30L (65 inch), FW-55BZ30L (55 inch), FW-50BZ30L (50 inch), FW-43BZ30L (43 inch)
  • Brightness: 440 nits