Safran Passenger Innovations Unveils MiniLED LCD Displays for Next-Gen In-Flight Entertainment System


Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI) has announced the introduction of an advanced in-flight entertainment system (IFE), the Rave Ultra plus. The new system, an upgrade to the Rave Ultra system, will incorporate next-generation 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) displays utilizing MiniLED technology. Expected to be available in early 2025, the MiniLED display technology will be initially introduced in premium cabins, where larger display sizes can leverage its technological capabilities.

Source: SPI

SPI wants its customers to know that MiniLED technology is a significant improvement over traditional LED displays, offering higher brightness and contrast levels. By utilizing zone dimming technology, these MiniLED displays can produce true blacks, enhancing high dynamic range (HDR) content. MiniLED liquid crystal display (LCD) was chosen by SPI for its impressive image quality and durability. SPF says, LCD technology has more than ten years of proven in-flight performance, reducing risks associated with the adoption of untested technology.

The IFE system, powered by the Rave OS, is also the first to provide an open software platform allowing airlines to control their own IFE features. The system’s evolution will include integration with Amazon web services (AWS) to incorporate the latest cloud technologies into the Rave ecosystem.

Further details about the upcoming rollout of the Rave Ultra plus system, including specific cabin implementations and customer partnerships, have yet to be announced.